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Through our training programs we help our clients to reinvent themselves and improve the performance of their staff.

Each person forms the DNA of the organization, the core and the essence of excellence in service. We guide individuals to discover their ability to transform and humanize their actions in quality processes, through the 5 pillars of CRECE Quality-Resilience-Emotion-Culture-Excellence, which we have defined as the key to achieving excellence.

Improvising has a very high cost for any organization. Doing things in the style or taste of each person will not guarantee having a successful business or service or quality; it is each Organization that establishes its "essence", its "DNA", and expresses it not only in its Manual of Standards and Procedures, but in its Strategic Model. We offer a methodology for the implementation of Quality and Service Standards, where we help to understand the work teams, the importance of managing a hotel operation based on this methodology, raising awareness of the impact on the results and the profitability of the Hotel.

The Culture of a Hotel is its way of being, its essence is what allows me to have a differentiating element of power in front of my competition. It is to conform your DNA from the essence of its people and the essence of its values.
We help our clients to know the importance of these concepts, analyzing how they affect the results of a hotel operation to adopt this type of methodologies and how it adds value to their services.

To achieve hotel profitability and optimize revenues, it is necessary to constantly monitor the operation's expense and revenue structures; establishing monthly budgets and management indicators, which allow a correct decision making to make adjustments, changes and financial analysis of the business.

We offer step by step to structure your Business Plan, Sales and Marketing, reviewing the basic concepts, framed in the 4P's (Product, Price, Square, Promotion).