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Tourist Representations

We are the closest and most loyal extension of your brand in national and international markets.

Is your strategic ally and your representative for the expansion of tourist services in Spain...

  • We market your tourism products and services
  • We define marketing schemes adjusted to the tourism and hotel category.
  • We provide flexible solutions adapted to the profile and needs of each business.

We offer SEGA solutions according to your needs, taking advantage of our team's experience to support sales and marketing management.

We evaluate your products and potential customers. We represent and market your brand, hotel and tourism services in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

We organize the portfolio and identify the target market and marketing channels that will maximize revenue and enhance the brand in the market.

We offer commercial agents trained and experienced in tourism and hotel services, who will market your brand and services to our contacts network effectively.

Design of an optimal operational plan for the commercialization of tourist and hotel services.
Achievement of objectives
Income maximization
Brand positioning